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2021 Local Search Summit – Day 2 Takeaways & Advice

How To Pivot Your Facebook Advertising In A Post iOS14.5 World

Many of you have probably heard about Apple’s iOS 14.5 update that limited the ability to set retargeting cookies on mobile. Well, not all is lost. Duane explained how you can pivot your Facebook advertising in a post IOS 14.5 world. 

Oftentimes, we hear clients say, “we’re losing sales”. The truth is, they’re not actually losing sales. The reality is that sales are either super delayed, or they’re just not showing up in AD manager.

You are not losing sales, you just can’t track what’s going on, and that is because Apple’s decided to ask people “do you want to be tracked” and rightfully so, most people say no.

So what can you do to help improve your traffic and get the most out of your Facebook Ads?

Here are a few of Duane’s Tips

Lead & Sales Funnel – Build a Strong Marketing Foundation

Do not put all your eggs in one basket – aka you cannot rely on only one ad platform to build and grow your business. Just using Google, or Facebook, or Amazon is not ideal.

Build a better lead funnel by creating quality content your customers care about.

Oftentimes in marketing, people just do things to do things. If you do things to do things, you’re probably not going to have the success that you want. It takes time to see the strategy start to work and see success.

In marketing, sometimes you’re going to invest into things for 6 to 12 months into a strategy to see a payout in the long run, stay the course and not give up; before you see success. Don’t give up too early.

Media Optimization – Where to Spend Money?
Once you’ve built up your amazing content you want to figure out what your Facebook Ads strategy is going to be. What is your desired outcome? Is it a lead? Is it a newsletter signup? Is it a sale? Whatever you want to achieve, figure that out first.

What Outcome Do You Want?

  • Advocacy
  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Audience growth

Focus on one single issue. Once you know your strategy you can figure out your measurement of success.



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