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2021 Top Contributors To The Search Engine Roundtable

As you all know, I source a lot of forums and Twitter threads here for the stories that I write. Without the amazing individuals that make up the search industry, this site would not exist. In fact, when I started this site over 18 years ago, its purpose was to cover what the community is buzzing about and this site remains true to that today.

I thought it would be fun to parse out from all the stories this year, which individuals and Twitter handles I cited the most over the past year. So I had one of my developers do some queries to run through and get me a list of the most cited Twitter handles in my stories for the 2021 year. This is in addition to my look back in my 18 year anniversary story – read that if you missed it.

Here are the top cited Twitter handles from this site:

I’ll give some honorable mentions to @thesocialdude, @type_seo, @ppckirk, @facan, @gregfinn, @ppcgreg, @aleyda, @bubblesup, @clairecarlile, @copernix, @musingpraveen, @brettbodofsky, @saijogeorge, @msftadvertising, @shalomgood, @jasonmbarnard, @ndyjsimpson, and thousands of more.

Note, this site has cited over 1,350 distinct Twitter handles in our stories in 2021. So while, yes John Mueller was cited in a ton of them, there is a huge diverse number of Twitter accounts I embedded and/or linked to in my stories over the past year.

Thank you to the search industry / community for making this site possible.

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