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2021 WAN in Review: Part 2

If you caught last week’s special episode of the WAN Manager Podcast, you must be waiting on the edge of your seat for the second installment. 

To recap, Greg Bryan and Elizabeth Thorne are keeping up their tradition of decking the halls with an end-of-year WAN review. And since 2021 was such a big year, we couldn’t fit everything into just one episode.

To make up for the cliffhanger, we’ve packed part two with enough data and lively conversation to knock your stockings off their mantel.

We’re talking 5G deployment trends, the rising popularity of multi-cloud, new backbone/transport services from your friendly neighborhood CSP, and more.

Revisit part one to hear about SASE adoption, SD-WAN maturation, how remote work is changing the face of corporate networking, and the evolving MPLS vs. DIA matchup.

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