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5 Tips for Buying an Electric Vehicle for First-Time Buyers

Electric vehicles are getting quite a lot of traction these last couple of years. And we have to admit now when the technology finally became affordable for an average consumer, the whole idea is too good to pass. But, do you even approach these vehicles?

Traditional cars have been here long enough to know what you need to consider before purchasing even without research. But, the e-vehicles? For most of us, they are still a great unknown. Let’s see if we can solve this problem by going through a couple of tips for first-time buyers.

Know how much range do you need?

Car batteries are still insanely expensive so scaling down here a bit can tremendously impact the price of the vehicle. So, what exactly are you buying your car for? If you want to go coast-to-coast, sure – Tesla Model S will allow you to pass 400 miles in one run. But, if you only need an urban cruiser to get to your job and then home again, you will be able to get away even with something like Nissan Leaf that scores 149 miles of range. Of course, at only a fraction of the price, you would have to shell out for Tesla.

Have a plan for recharging your electric vehicle

Home chargers are not that cheap – in some cases, the prices can go all the way up to $2,500. So, it’s critical to see do you have access to public chargers. If you have, you can save those two grands to get a better vehicle. If not, be aware you will have to make an up-front investment before getting the car. Still, the EVs are much cheaper to refuel and you will be able to reclaim that money in the long run. We recommend checking the Level 2 chargers able to supply 240 volts of electricity to the vehicle.

Be extra careful with insurance

Buying an electric vehicle may entail some additional clauses to the comprehensive insurance policy and you will most likely have to pay a bit more. But, some predatory companies will use this opportunity to sneak in the junk insurance policies or in other worthless policies that ramp up the insurance costs but you won’t ever be able to use them. Fortunately, you can get a refund for this unethical practice so if you suspect any sort of foul play be sure to ask for professional help and file a formal complaint.

Check the incentives

The world we live in is experiencing some serious environmental issues. That is why governments all over the world are trying to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles. Check these local incentives since they can make a lot of room in your budget. For instance, the Australian government has issued a whole set of various incitements in the form of free registration, stamp-duty discounts, discounts on road taxes, and even interest-free loans up to 15,000 AUD (approximately 10,700 USD) which is a lot.

Take into consideration the waiting lists

As of recently, getting an EV has become a sort of privilege. The long waiting lists can be are caused as much by the rapid increase in demand for these vehicles as the fact the global industry of Li-Io batteries is struggling to keep up. Be that as it may, in some cases you will have to wait for your future four-wheeler up to sweet 26 weeks. Take this into consideration when making financial plants since you will have to get something to ride in the meantime and some incentives and insurance policies may be time-limited.

These few tips, of course, are far from a complete story but they should give you a good idea about the most important things to take into consideration when buying an electric vehicle. Traditional cars are something we had quite a lot of time to get used to and learn all the quirks associated with buying. Until EVs catch up you will need to be extra careful. But hey – now you know where to start the search.



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