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Allterco introduces smart home solutions with the Shelly Plus Line

Las Vegas. 29 Dec 2021 – IoT provider Allterco maker of the Shelly home automation product line , introduced Shelly Plus Line, the new of Shelly devices.

Equipped with an ultra-fast ESP32 processorand connectivity accelerated via Bluetooth technology, in addition to the proven Wi-Fi connection, the new range also builds on the brand’s robust integration capabilities and offers enhanced security features to deliver the ultimate experience in home automation and control.

The company also announced the opening of a new business line in home automation with the launch of its Shelly TRV intelligent heating control device. With the latter, the company will offer a sustainable product at a competitive price, challenging the international brands in this market.

Shelly Plus offers home automation control

As the global smart home market continues to grow rapidly, consumers and home automation enthusiasts alike are looking for premium smart devices that are reliable, innovative and easy to integrate. With the introduction of the Shelly Plus line, the latest Shelly relays – Shelly Plus 1 and Shelly Plus 1PM offer perfect control for any smart home environment.

Shelly Plus 1 is designed to enhance the home automation experience and enhance lighting control; Shelly Plus 1PM offers advanced control of electrical devices with precise power measurement. Among the features included are faster connectivity with the option of Bluetooth inclusion; an improved device box with small dimensions, allowing Shelly relays to easily fit behind any wall switch or outlet; enhanced safety and security with temperature sensing software to prevent failures and the risk of overheating; a revamped API interfacewith standardised RPC that enables a wide range of on-premises and cloud-connected integrations.

The new line of Shelly products has been designed for the consumer. With these new capabilities, Shelly Plus smart relays allow DIY customers to monitor and manage their energy consumption, automate and control any electrical device, easily establish “smart” strategies with d ‘other devices in the home network and define custom programs for bespoke automation functionality.

Very efficient heating management 

With rapidly growing energy prices, customers are increasingly looking for innovative smart home solutions that will help them optimise their spending and ensure energy consumption in the most efficient way possible. With the introduction of Shelly TRV -the intelligent thermostatic radiator valve, Shelly provides a solution that allows users to optimise their heating usage and save on bills.

The Shelly TRV operates over Wi-Fi and is equipped with a fully rechargeable battery with a lifespan of over 2 years (based on a 5 month heating season). Featuring a sleek design with an LED display and tactile buttons, Shelly TRV replaces the old thermostatic radiator valve and allows remote control over the radiator from any location. Shelly TRV supports 5 quick profiles with 6 temperature points for each of them, allowing users to set custom parameters to ensure efficient use of the heater.

Like the rest of the Shelly devices, the Shelly Plus range and the Shelly TRV can be controlled directly without a hub using the Shelly Cloud app . Users can also easily integrate them with the most popular home automation platforms and voice assistants, as well as combine them with other smart devices already installed in the home.

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