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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 | 1 Year Experienced

Applied through employee referral. Got an email for giving coding test within couple of days 

Round 1(Coding Round):

  1. First question was similar to
  2. Given an array of integers, find number of pairs of elements who have sum less than value “K”. 

Tip: Solve coding round questions using brute-force solution.

In a couple of days, got a call for scheduling interview rounds.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): Taken by Senior SDE with 3-4 years experience. 

  1. Questions on current work and leadership principles.
  2. Find the smallest value in array larger than a given value X. (Discussed Heap solution as well as Sorting + Binary Search solution, asked to code either of the two from scratch (implement heap data structure or merge-sort/quick-sort) as both will have worst case of O(nlogn) ) 

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): Taken by SDE II with 2+ years experience.

  1. Questions of current work and tech stack currently working on.

After this round, received a mail for further rounds

Round 4(Hiring Manager):

  1. Detailed discussion around current work, technologies worked on, reasons to look for change and other managerial based questions.

(Initially started solving using DFS by finding all paths but after discussion, landed on BFS solution)

Round 5(Bar Raiser):

  1. Detailed discussion around current work and experience


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