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Biscuit Joiner Vs Domino – Discover the Distinction?

What Is a Biscuit Joiner?

A biscuit joiner is a software that allows you to use it for various initiatives. It comes with a rotating blade that has a spring-loaded system. Biscuit joinery might be nice for sheet wooden. It options elongated and flat flies reduce into each boards. Each slots are utilized with glue and biscuit in order that there might be a sturdy connection.

Although biscuit joiners are extremely fashionable, they’ve restricted purposes. It doesn’t have a lot energy because the biscuits are fairly skinny and may break. Their most most popular utility is for becoming a member of two massive boards collectively.

Biscuit Joiner

Biscuit Joiner Professionals and Cons


  • Doesn’t require metric measurements.
  • Non-compulsory mud assortment.
  • Requires much less setup accuracy.
  • Works quicker than a domino.
  • It’s less expensive in comparison with domino.


  • Appropriate just for wooden surfaces with a contact house of 1-1/2-inch.
  • Unable to make curved biscuit joints.
  • Has a shallow joint depth.
  • Comes with only a single thickness.
  • Weaker than a domino joint.

What Is a Domino Joiner?

A domino joiner is a strong software that means that you can make floating tenon joints. It’s a mortise and tenon joint that’s made by slicing two matching wooden slots and inserting the tenon. Domino joiner incorporates a spinning cutter identical to the drill bit. Nonetheless, it may make each up and down and sideways motions. Utilizing a domino joiner can reduce a full mortise in a single stroke.

Domino joiners are made by a German-based firm known as Festool. The tenons are often known as dominos. In comparison with a standard biscuit, the tenon is stronger and thicker. The software serves supreme for skilled woodworkers who’re consistently into constructing a number of furnishings. Their solely draw back is that they’ve a better value than a biscuit joiner.

Domino Joiner

Domino Joiner Professionals and Cons


  • Good for nook joints.
  • Permits cross-stop setup for listed and repeated cuts.
  • Choice for help bracket to cope with vertical cuts.
  • Easy dial for controlling the width.
  • Handrail fence for curved or spherical supplies.
  • Good alignment with trim cease setup.
  • Various tenon thickness resulting from interchangeable bits.


  • It has a better studying curve in comparison with a biscuit joiner.
  • It has just one producer.
  • Comes solely with metric measurements.
  • The associated fee is way greater than a biscuit joiner.

Domino Joiner vs Biscuit Joiner

Listed here are the primary variations between a domino joiner and a biscuit joiner.

Biscuits are composite wooden that is available in an rectangular form. They’re appropriate just for inside functions. A biscuit joint is for mounted biscuit spline thickness. It’s then inserted and glued by the biscuit joiner.

A domino makes use of mortise and tenon of various widths and thicknesses. The holes left by the software are mortise. The wooden items are known as tenons. Tenons might be both mahogany or beech and are appropriate for each inside and exterior initiatives.

Key Options of a Biscuit Joiner

These are the primary options of a biscuit joiner.

  • A biscuit joiner is made by totally different producers and may have a wide range of options.
  • It permits slicing biscuits at totally different angles because the fence tilts as much as 90 levels.
  • Greater-end fashions function aluminum fences for clamping them whereas utilizing.
  • Simple left to proper alignment with rack and pinion fences.
  • The software can reduce 20 mm adjustable depth.
  • It will possibly reduce biscuits of 0, 10, and 20 sizes.
  • One can simply select from corded or cordless energy choices.
  • Some fashions include foot-activated or handheld designs.
  • Is available in 4 sizes for accommodating vast and slim supplies.

Key Options of a Festool Domino Joiner

  • The primary options of a Festool Domino joiner are as follows.
  • Simple to make use of with moveable handheld mortising.
  • Comes with mud assortment.
  • Fast and correct changes.
  • Non-compulsory jig for listed mortises.
  • Permits mortising in semi-circular or spherical inventory.
  • Appropriate for various initiatives resulting from various tenon thickness and width.

The totally different points of the 2 instruments are as follows.

  • Although DOMINO is a strong software, each the instruments include their very own strengths.
  • For cupboard face frames, a domino might be nice. Nonetheless, there might be no sideways torque. Because of this, a biscuit serves as the proper alternative.
  • The worth of a DOMINO is a vital consideration. Most favor a biscuit joiner as they’re reasonably priced.

1. Device Specs 

Now let’s evaluate the software specs between the Festool DOMINO DF 500 and Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner. The DF 500 weighs 7 kilos and its dimension is 15.5 x 11.5 x 6.4 inches. PJ7000 has a weight of 12 kilos and the dimensions is 7.87 x 19.49 x 10.24 inches. Each might be simpler to deal with resulting from their light-weight construction.

With regards to spindle pace, the DF500 has a pace of 23,400 RPM. The PJ7000 rotates at 11,000 RPM. Although that’s a significant distinction, they each function adjustable fences. Each instruments allow simple slots and angles.

If we talk about the facility consumption, the PJ7000 has a 5.6 AMP motor and requires 7000 watts. Quite the opposite, the DF 500 wants 420 watts. So in the case of effectivity, the DF 500 generally is a more sensible choice.

2. Energy and Alignment

Each domino joiners and plate joiners are much like dowel joints. One permits you to use it for making floating tenon joints, the opposite for biscuit joints. Nonetheless, the distinction is the scale and form of the tenon/biscuit and slot.

As a floating tenon could be very sturdy, it has higher energy in comparison with biscuit joints. A floating tenon additionally has good torsion making it nice for various functions. However for a narrower subject of purposes, biscuit joints are nice.

So far as alignment is worried, biscuits are for placing boards in place for becoming a member of them. Nonetheless, they aren’t that correct, and there’ll at all times be some room left. Dominos are exact and have higher accuracy than biscuit joints. Because the tenons can match completely, dominos are appropriate for alignment functions. The size and tenons worth make it uncommon to make use of domino joints for alignment.

3. Tenons vs Biscuits

The form of domino tenons could be very a lot much like dowels. Nonetheless, the cross-section is totally different. Biscuits are positioned horizontally as they’re oval-shaped. With regards to dimensions, each tenons and biscuits are available various dimensions. The DF500 has 6 tenon sizes starting from 4 to 10 mm thickness. Even biscuit sizes are FF, 0, 10, and 20. The most important biscuit dimension is 20 which is 56 x 23 x 4 mm.

Tenons are very strong as they’re fabricated from beech hardwood. Biscuits then again are composed of compressed wooden. If we discuss in regards to the worth, dominos are usually dearer than biscuits as they’re produced from pure wooden. They’re instantly produced by Festool.

4. Noise and Mud

When utilizing each instruments for slicing, they’ll make a number of noise. Because of this, ear safety is beneficial. Additionally, each instruments produce a number of mud. One of many biggest issues in regards to the instruments is that they’ll have a type of mud extraction system. Biscuit joiners function a easy bag for gathering mud. Domino joiners should go deep with quick rotation. There might be probabilities of overheating. Fortunately, the mud extraction system can simply be related through the use of an adapter.


We had a take a look at the options and functionalities of biscuit joiner and domino joiner. Festool domino joiner is for sturdy and sturdy joints. With the domino joiner, there might be a better danger of misalignment. Nonetheless, a biscuit joiner is cheaper and incorporates a easy angle grinder. They’ve their very own execs and cons. Getting the correct one is a person desire and one must see if the software serves the aim.



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