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BONUS: Drone Life News 019 – Heavy Lift drones, Dizi drone launch, Percepto approval for BVLOS flights, Airspace security with drones

In our latest episode of Drone Life News show we cover all the latest updates in the drone industry – from new launch to fundings, acquisitions.

In our first segment of the drone life news, we discuss everything about heavy lift drones and how they are increasingly becoming an important sector for the drone industry. We talk about its applications and how heavy lift drones are being increasingly used for modern day applications.

In our next story, we talk about Azur’s Dizi drone launch at nuclear convention with a focus on radiation detection and advanced application at nuclear sites.

Next up, we discuss CASA’s approval for the Percepto drone  for carrying out BVLOS flights in Australian airspace allowing autonomous flights in the Australian airspace. Learn how this development is significant for the drone industry.

In our next story, we discuss about the Airspace security domain that is heating up with companies receiving funding, new acquisitions and partnerships. We talk about Skysafe’s 35 million $ funding and Axon’s partnership with Dedrone for counter drone solutions.

Catch up on all the latest drone news and developments and stay updated on all the latest news.

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  • [00:33] Everything about Heavy lift drones and their significance in the Drone industry
  • [05:02] Applications of heavy lift drones for addressing modern day challenges
  • [09:22] Dizi launch at the nuclear convention for radiation detection
  • [10:53] Percepto receives approval for BVLOS flights
  • [11:55] Air space security heating up with companies receiving funding for new projects
  • [12:21] Skysafe receives 35 million $ funding
  • [15:24] Axon that provides tools for law enforcement sector, partners with Dedrone to provide drone solutions for security applications



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