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bootcamp – “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one” Problem while installing Windows 10 on 2012 Non-retina MBP

Well, that last post was a disaster on my part. Alright, let’s try this again:

I am using a 13″ (Sorry, my memory was fuzzy and typed 15″ on the last 2 posts) non-retina 2012 Macbook Pro with one SSD drive and a Hard drive and is currently trying to dual-boot Windows 10 for work purposes. Boot Camp will not let me get past this screen no matter what I tried
enter image description here

I decide to compromise on using Unetbootin to flash Windows 10 onto my USB. Sadly, life won’t go my way. The newest .iso file from Microsoft initially went fine but due to some issues, I decide to use another Windows 10 iso which is version 1607 from July of 2016 and update later. The usb which includes the iso is lent from my acquaintance.

The issue arises at the Windows Setup choosing screen where there were a few problems (I’m really sorry, I will update the post with images as soon as possible but it’s pretty late here already.)

There are a few drives, notably 2 EFI drives for my SSD and Hard Drive (them included of course) and the Partition itself. I deleted the partition and use the free space to create a new partition with Windows installer. And when I selected the newly created partition, the error message “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one” pops up. I tried repeating the process and formatting the partition but still, nothing works.

Here’s the diskutil list:

enter image description here

list disk from diskpart returns something like this: (Again, really sorry about having no images, I will update them soon)

disk0: 111GB and 0B free (I suppose this is my SSD)

disk1: 698 and 0B free (Pretty sure this one is the hard drive)

disk2: 14gb and 0B free (Boot usb…?)
Additionally, under GPT, disk0 and disk1 both have * while disk2 doesn’t. Not sure what it is but I hope it is worth mentioning.

Can someone help me proceed the Windows installation? I’m in a bit of a pickle here.

P/s: I saw solutions regarding wiping the drive and create a partition in diskpart and proceed from there. I sadly can’t do this method because I do not have any external drive large enough to backup my hard drive and I couldn’t just go wiping it either as it contains some important stuff.



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