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Earl’s Organic Buyer’s Notes December 19, 2021 « Earl’s Organic Produce

December 19, 2021 | Susan

A lot of the Bay Area has had more precipitation this Fall than all of last year.  The mountains received heavy snow with more rain on the way this week in most of California.  We can expect harvest delays due to wet fields, possible post-harvest quality issues and even logistics snafus.  Generally, for known weather events like this, growers will try to pick as much as they can prior but that is of course limited by time and labor.  Yuma, AZ looks to remain dry and fairly cool but no frost yet.  Sonora, MX also looks dry and warm with highs in the 80s, perfect for warm veg crops.


Trucking and weather out of the Pacific Northwest on apples and pears will be challenging as we head into Christmas and New Year’s weekends. California Grape season almost made it to Christmas. Green grapes are done, officially ending the season. Forbidden Blueberries out of Lompoc and Santa Maria are large, firm and have outstanding flavor! Promotional opportunities are available. Speak with your Earl’s Sales Rep. California Winter Citrus season is seeing more varieties come on. Satsumas are so easy to peel and have more synephrine, a natural decongestant, than any other mandarin. Eating 5 Satsumas equals the effect of a Sudafed tablet. The Daisy Mandarin has a beautiful, sweet flavor with the right amount of acidity. Now on Earl’s Weekly Specials! Algerian Mandarins are very juicy with bright red-orange color skin. Lemon T’Orange from Buck has a sweet aroma and a fresh lemon flavor without any bitterness. Tangos coming soon. Download the latest organic fruit and vegetable update each week here!



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