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Essence Group to showcase range of advanced IoT-based security at CES 2022

Essence Group, a technology group developing IoT-based security, safety and healthcare solutions and cloud services for homes, families and businesses, today announced an extensive portfolio of connected solutions it will present at the CES 2022 in person event.

MyShield: the smoke generating 5G-enabled intruder prevention system

The system that identifies, verifies and expels intruders before they can cause harm. Includes a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector, high-definition video camera for intruder verification, two-way voice communication, and proprietary smoke generator that quickly fills a room with a disorientating, harmless smoke to force intruders out of premises.

VitalOn: “always on” advanced health monitoring platform

A comprehensive remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management platform. It combines telecare, telehealth and wellness capabilities into a single, connected platform that provides round-the-clock monitoring for a wide range of aging-related issues and chronic conditions. Continuously monitors wellbeing parameters and vital signs from multiple health and monitoring devices to detect and alert. It addresses diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure without the need to rely on smartphone or tablet apps.

Umbrella: 5G-connected mobile PERS device

An ultra-small and discreet mobile personal emergency response system, connected to 5G CAT-M networks for enhanced reliability and accuracy. Robust and water resistant, with both geolocation and indoor location capabilities. Includes fall detection, real-time activity monitoring and two-way voice capabilities, making it suitable for a range of personal security and care situations, including senior care and lone worker scenarios.

[email protected]+: security and smart home management platform

Allows users to independently manage their home environment in real time, from anywhere and on any device. Video camera is to provide HD video over secure radio frequency, connected locally to the hub. A suite of multi-functional detectors include a magnetic door/window sensor, a motion sensor with multi-zone spherical lenses for enhanced coverage, a curtain sensor, and a multi-function button to perform security and smart home actions.

Enterprise security solution: Turnkey security offering for enterprises

A comprehensive solution comprising both on-premises security capabilities and mobile safety solutions for people on the go. Includes video monitoring and edge analytics for premises; personal safety and protection for remote workers and students; and intruder deterrence and prevention. The solution addresses the complex security challenges faced by enterprises, especially those managing remote workers within large facilities.

MDsense: advanced multi-dimensional fall protection

The multi-dimensional fall detection solution for the global care market. The non-wearable solution employs advanced AI algorithms to immediately detect a fallen individual and provides round-the-clock monitoring, enabling caregivers to react quicker to verified falls. Utilising advanced, wall-mounted multi-sensing technology, this camera-free solution ensures constant monitoring without infringing on users’ privacy.

JOLI360 Plus: smart skin rejuvenation and acne solution

A compact, fully integrated desktop solution that enables cosmeticians and dermatologists to provide advanced acne and anti-aging treatments. The medical grade, IoT-based platform includes a handheld analyser for skin hydration, elasticity and sebum analysis, and an integrated touchscreen. The advanced treatment applicators administer Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Radio Frequency (RF) and Electroporation (ELP) treatments, along with custom formulated anti-aging and anti-acne serums.

Essence Group will be showcasing the above solutions at its at its booth, #52753 at CES, from January 5-8, 2022.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact [email protected].



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