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Feature Friday Episode 75 – Multi Cloud and HCX

Multi-cloud, multi-cloud, multi-cloud, we hear this term almost every day.

With most customers having multiple clouds being a standard, the right cloud for the workload is being more a possibility than ever before. Cloud Providers are uniquely positioned to manage customer workloads and applications across all clouds and particularly VMware clouds in hyper-scale providers. Offering the best of all worlds; hyper-scale resource adjacency with a VMware cloud backbone delivering hybrid management across multiple clouds. But how can hybrid management and workload migration be achieved in a multi cloud environment?

Core to multi cloud mobility is a common cloud hypervisor, vSphere, and the ability to move workloads between clouds with minimal or zero disruption. Hybrid Cloud Extender (HCX) delivers complete workload mobility between clouds, with inclusive deduplications and WAN optimization, HCX can deliver ‘Live vMotion’ for workloads moving to or between clouds, meaning zero downtime or application interruption whilst the migration is happening. HCX can also upgrade older vSphere instances whilst migrating, negating the need to stage. This delivers not only hybrid workload use cases, but also hybrid application across cloud use cases, allowing customers to have a service mesh between clouds and permitting workloads to run on the right cloud and able to interconnect.

One of the biggest benefits of using HCX is that it establishes a layer 2 overlay between clouds and with deduplications, WAN optimization and proximity routing, applications can run at either end providing the latency is acceptable. This means the long migration analysis periods, trying to discover the inputs and outputs to applications can be heavily negated, you needn’t worry as much whether you miss a dependant application, as all applications will still be able to talk to each other.

HCX is provided with all instances of VMware Cloud Foundation in hyper-scale partner cloud environments.

Cloud Providers with the HCX service can provide their customers with a true hybrid cloud experience for workload portability, agility, disaster recovery and business continuity. Cloud Providers can take the lead with hybridity, abstracting customer on-premises and cloud resources as one seamless cloud. No changes are required on the source network infrastructure, eliminating complexity for tenants of the cloud platform.

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Join Robert, Gerrit, John and myself as we discuss what multi-cloud capabilities our VMware Cloud Providers can have today with a vSphere hypervisor in hyper-scale providers and also how HCX can be used to deliver the service mesh and workload mobility between these clouds.

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