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Fix the Google Pixel 6 no touch input this way

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Google Pixel 6 is one of the best Android smartphones of 2021. However, it doesn’t mean it comes without any bugs or issues. At launch, Pixel 6 users reported issues like display flickering and green lines appearing on the display when holding the power down button. People also reported about the slow in-display fingerprint sensor and slow charging speed on the device. Google promised that some of these issues to be fixed by the December ‘Feature Drop’ update for the Pixel 6 series, but instead, it introduced its own. Issues like network issues and two calling features disabled were reported. And then just last week, auto-rotate and sensor fail issue was reported by Pixel 6 users.

Another not-so-often-talked-about issue that has been plaguing the Pixel 6 series is the no touch input response. If you’ve had random hiccups where the phone would ignore your touch input and randomly freeze up for 1-2 seconds, you’re not alone. The issue has been reported to Google and it seems that Google is working on a fix for it. However, if you’re impatient and do not want Google to release a patch for this, a Reddit user has managed to come across a temporary fix for this problem.

The Reddit user with username u/micku7zu has reported a workaround that might fix Pixel 6’s touch input bug. The user first talks about what might be causing the issue. He says that “any Accessibility Service/Feature that has “canPerformGesture” permission (an accessibility service that can tap on the screen on behalf of the user).” He even went on to make an APK file that replicates the bug.

Then, the user says that “when the battery drops 1% the touch input will freeze for 1-2 seconds and then will unfreeze and do rapidly all the touches registered in the freeze period.” If you are affected by the issue on your Pixel 6 and can replicate the issue, the user has suggested a fix that might help you. He says that disabling all accessibility services, all of them, will help resolve the issue.

How to temporary fix the bug

Disable all accessibility features from Settings -> Accessibility. Disable Voice Access, Accessibility shortcut, and all the other accessibility apps, features or services. System or downloaded apps, doesn’t matter, disable all of them.

Google has reportedly confirmed that the issue exists on the Pixel 6 series. And even though disabling all the accessibility services isn’t a permanent fix, it’s much better than being with a phone that won’t take your touch input. Now that so many users have reported the issue, we expect the bug to be fixed in the January patch for the Pixel 6 devices. If you haven’t updated to the December patch on your Pixel 6, we would recommend you not to update to the latest version if you use accessibility services and wait for Google to roll out the fix.

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