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GaN ICs fortify mobile fast chargers

Upgraded GaNFast power semiconductors from Navitas bring increased efficiency and power density to the mobile fast-charger market. The continuous drain-to-source voltage rating of the NV613 and NV615 GaNFast power ICs has been increased from 650 V to 700 V, while transient drain-to-source voltage is 800 V. For added robustness, these devices also employ GaNSense loss-less current sensing and protection circuits.

The increased voltage rating of the devices enables more efficient power transformer circuit designs and higher capabilities for areas of the world where power grids may be unreliable and experience extreme voltage spikes. GaNSense technology adds autonomous system-level monitoring capable of providing detection and protection within 30 ns—10 times faster than discrete implementations.

Updated datasheets and reliability reports are available immediately to customers and design partners under non-disclosure agreements.

GaNFast product page 

Navitas Semiconductor     

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