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Go Digit Interview expertise (On-Campus) 2023

First spherical:  On-line aptitude and a pair of fundamental coding questions (based mostly on the reverse quantity) on 19 Sept at 5.30 PM, Platform – wheebox. Then by our T&P division, I bought to know that I used to be chosen for the technical interview.

Interview scheduled on 20 Sept at 4.40 PM.


  • Greetings.
  • Introduce your self.
  • What’s class :
  • Inform me about OOPS.

I answered all constructing blocks of OOPS with examples.

  • Give me one real-time instance of polymorphism.
  • Why have you ever chosen to react over angular (as I discussed my initiatives are in reactJS ). see ans
  • Distinction between SLL and DLL?
  • Distinction between Array and SLL?
  • Inform me if the next code will run or not and inform me the rationale. (assume obligatory features like println() …and so forth)


class A {






class B extends class A{






class Check{


        B b = new A();




I informed him that this system causes an error as a result of mum or dad class reference can maintain the thing of the kid often known as run time polymorphism (late binding) however not vice-versa.

I wrote code and tries to run the code he mentioned don’t require to run the code simply write logic.

  • Write this system to seek out the second largest aspect from an array.

I sorted the array utilizing  STL (I requested for ought to I take advantage of STL or not )  and printed the second largest aspect –> O(nlogn) answer

When you bought this query in an interview then give O(n) answer see.

  • Write the code to seek out the lacking quantity from the continual array.

I informed the logic to sum the full components of the array and sum the full numbers from 1 to a higher variety of that array or vary of that array components.

He desires to understand how I apply logic to that program then, as an alternative of utilizing for loop I used a formulation for the summation of n phrases.  i.e summation =n * (n+1) /2 

then subtract each the outcomes. we bought the reply. see answer

  • He requested me have you learnt the logic for factorial “I mentioned Sure” after which he informed me to write down a program for factorial in recursive.
    I answered this query. see
  • Inform me concerning the forms of timber, and what’s BST.

I answered this query.

  • Write a program to seek out the peak of a tree

I answered this query, see the answer

  • Inform me what’s becoming a member of.
  • Write a question to seek out the second largest wage among the many worker division.

I answered this query. see the reply (the popular method use nested queries as an alternative of the highest, restrict, and rownum features as a result of some interviewers don’t enable to make use of of built-in features  )

After 2-3 days I bought to know I used to be chosen by our T&P division.

Tip:  If you realize extra approaches to resolve the issue then clarify all from much less optimized to extra optimized.




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