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How to Get the Whole Team to Pull Together when Estimating

This post is part of a free series of training videos covering challenges teams face when estimating with story points. We aren’t charging for the training and it will be available until Wednesday, November 24 at 9 p.m. Pacific.

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In this series so far, we’ve looked at solving the following problems:

  • Video #1: Equating Points to Hours
  • Video #2: Getting Hung Up on Perfect Estimates

Now, I want to share with you my final advice for solving a key estimating problem.

How People Create Estimating Problems

Even if you and your team understand the theory behind estimating and story points, if you don’t account for human nature and personality dynamics, you can still encounter problems.

Someone refuses to change their estimate and discussions stall. How can you break the deadlock?

A tester won’t estimate on development work because they’re unfamiliar with that skill. Can you still include them?

New recruits with less experience are making the estimating process painfully slow. Should they be excluded?

These are just some of the problems we will teach you to handle in this final free video.

Watch All Free Training Videos Now

We’ve had some great responses about the videos. Remember, you can leave a comment and join in the discussion on the video page. Will I see you there?

“Thank you, Mike! I really love all your videos, they’re so simple on such a difficult topic. I’ve sent it to my SMs to watch and then discuss with me and their teams. Great job, thank you. Looking forward for the next videos 😊” Anastasia Butova-Nikishina

This Series is Available Only Until November 24

These videos are free to watch, but only available until Wednesday, November 24 at 9 pm. Pacific.



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