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Including AWS Amplify to iOS Swift app with a number of Targets doesn’t work

I am making an attempt so as to add amplify to an present iOS (Swift) software with a number of targets. After operating amplify init within the root of the venture, the cli offers the next suggestions:

Updating Xcode venture:
🚫 xcodeProject: Goal Fan app not discovered
— Restoration suggestion: Manually add Amplify information to your Xcode venture.

The amplify folder is created within the venture root, and I additionally see each awsconfiguration.json and amplifyconfiguration.json information.

I added the amplify packages to the venture and added Amplify.configure() to the AppDelegate as described within the aws docs on

Once I run the applying, I see the next within the console:

Failed to search out Amplify configuration.
An error occurred establishing Amplify: ConfigurationError: Couldn’t load default amplifyconfiguration.json file
Restoration suggestion: Anticipated to search out the file, amplifyconfiguration.json within the app bundle at /Customers/xxx/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Gadgets/xxx/knowledge/Containers/Bundle/Utility/xxx/, however it was not current. Both add amplifyconfiguration.json to your app’s “Copy Bundle Assets” buildphase, or invoke Amplify.configure() with a configuration object that you simply load from a customized path.

I assume that is due to the ‘not discovered’ error within the init step, however I would wish completely different configurations for the completely different targets. So I comply with the suggestion and invoke the configuration with a config object as prompt with the code I discovered right here

let apiConfig = APICategoryConfiguration(
plugins: ["awsAPIPlugin":
        "myendpointname": [
            "endpointType": "GraphQL",
            "endpoint": "REPLACE",
            "region": "REPLACE",
            "authorizationType": "AMAZON_COGNITO_USER_POOLS"
let config = AmplifyConfiguration(api: apiConfig)

However now I get:

No plugin discovered for configuration key awsAPIPlugin. Add a plugin for that key.

I can see within the goal settings that the plugin is added to the goal that I’m operating, so I get the sensation that that is additionally associated to the failed ultimate step within the amplify init the place amplify was not capable of finding the goal.


My query is; how can I provoke amplify in a iOS venture with a number of targets?
Any assist is far appreciated.



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