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ios – Accessing Static Library wrapped in XCFramework

We have now Static library (*.a) wrapped in XCFramework distributed by a third-party SDK. Connected is screenshot of the SDK’s listing construction and information.plist.

Our venture construction -> Predominant App – SubProject – SDK

Current integration was with static library. We had SDK’s header file imported in sub-project’s headers.

What isn’t working?

  • Importing XCFramework provides No such module $FRAMEWORK
  • Accessing SDK content material provides Can't discover $FRAMEWORK in scope
    — Anticipated as import isn’t working.

What I’ve tried to this point?

  • Linker flags -ObjC -all_load
  • Setting Library & header search paths
    — Path for header file is bit tough with listing names ios-arm64_armv7_armv7s & ios-arm64_i386_x86_64-simulator
  • Creating SPM repo for the framework.

Solely means I can get this working is copying .h file from XCFramework to the venture and updating sub-project’s header file.

That appears unsuitable although. Any concepts what I’m lacking?

XCFramework directory structure




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