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ios – Awaiting Activity Completion in SwiftUI View

I’m working with a view that shows a listing of areas. When a consumer faucets on a location, a didSet block containing a Activity is triggered in a separate class wrapped with the @ObservedObject property:

struct LocationSearch: View {
    @StateObject var locationService = LocationService()
    @IbservedObject var networking: Networking
    var savedLocations = SavedLocations()
    var physique: some View {
        ForEach(locationService.searchResults, id: .self) { location in
            Button(location.title) {
                getCoordinate(addressString: location.title) { coordinates, error in
                    if error == nil {
                        networking.lastLocation = CLLocation(latitude: coordinates.latitude, longitude: coordinates.longitude)
                        // watch for networking.locationString to replace
                        // this smells unsuitable
                        // the best way to higher await Activity completion in didSet?
                        DispatchQueue.predominant.asyncAfter(deadline: .now() + 1) {
                            UserDefaults.normal.set(savedLocations.all, forKey: "savedLocations")

The Activity that will get triggered after netowrking.lastLocation is about is as follows:

class Networking: NSObject, ObservableObject, CLLocationManagerDelegate {
    @Printed public var lastLocation: CLLocation? {
        didSet {
            Activity {
                getLocationString() { placemark in
                    self.locationString = placemark
                getMainWeather(self.lastLocation?.coordinate.latitude ?? 0, self.lastLocation?.coordinate.longitude ?? 0)
                getAQI(self.lastLocation?.coordinate.latitude ?? 0, self.lastLocation?.coordinate.longitude ?? 0)

What’s a greater approach to make sure that the duty has had time to finish and that the brand new string will likely be saved to UserDefaults versus freezing my software’s UI for one second?

In case it is not clear, if I do not watch for one second, as an alternative of the brand new worth of locationString being saved to UserDefaults, the previous worth is saved as an alternative as a result of the logic within the didSet block hasn’t had time to finish.



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