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ios – How to Open App Store in iMessage Extention

I would like to know how could I open up App Store within an iMessage App. I’m trying to implement the review app feature by tapping a button. Since this requires tapping a button, it is not suggested to use SKStoreReviewController.requestReview for such purpose because of the rate limiting. Then I tried a few things:

  1. Try use self.extensionContext?.open() and provide the url like "itms-apps://{id}?mt=8" but nothing shows up.
  2. Try to launch a web view with the same url but got the error of WebPageProxy::didFailProvisionalLoadForFrame: frameID=3, domain=WebKitErrorDomain, code=102 and I could not get away with it.

What makes me believe that opening App Store within iMessage App is possible is because of the app Mochj Cat. In that app, there is a button can navigate you directly to App Store and start reviewing. I’d like to know if anyone had the experience on this before and can give me some hint.




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