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ios – SwiftUI UIViewServiceErrorDomain Code=1 Terminated=disconnect technique

Xcode 14.0 (14A309), iOS Deployment Goal 15.0

  • Foremost NavigationView #1 > NavigationView #2 > NavigationView #3
  • SwiftUI View FileDownloaderView with a .fileImporter() hooked up to a VStack
  • The FileDownloaderView is a subView of the NavigationView #3

After I choose a file with the fileImporter or after I cancel the fileImporter, the view comes again to navigationView #1 as a substitute of navigationView #3, with the next log message:

The view service did terminate with error:
Error Area=_UIViewServiceErrorDomain Code=1 "(null)"
UserInfo={Terminated=disconnect technique}

It labored high-quality earlier than, however I most likely made some modifications elsewhere within the code that result in this disconnection or one thing being nil in one of many navigationViews. I am not capable of finding the error, neither a approach to determine the precise location/second the place it fails.

Any assist to enhance debugging or to know what may set off this kind of error?

Thanks. Philippe.



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