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ios – The right way to animate view with velocity by DragGesture in SwiftUI?

Subject: I’ve DragGesture on my View and I need to change offset of the View by velocity worth from DragGesture.

Particulars: I made customized sheet view and bind DragGesture to it. When consumer swipe down on the view it takes offset worth from gesture If swipe gesture is quick sufficient – view dissapear from display screen by slide down animation.

Downside: Animation of disappearing has static velocity worth, however customers swipe will be extra quicker or slower. Because of this it appears to be like like impediment – view begin shifting with velocity of drag gesture, however after gesture ended it change velocity to worth from animation.

Code of customized sheet view:

@State var offset = 0
@State var lastDragPosition: DragGesture.Worth?

VStack {
  Textual content("Sheet")
.body(maxWidth: .infinity, maxHeight: .infinity)
.offset(y: offset)

On view drag modified:

func onDragChanged(worth: DragGesture.Worth) {
    if > 0 {
        // Transfer view down by finger dragging
        offset =

    // Save final place for calculating velocity of gesture
    lastDragPosition = worth

On view drag ended:

func onDragEnded(worth: DragGesture.Worth) {
    let timeDiff = worth.time.timeIntervalSince(lastDragPosition!.time)
    let velocity: CGFloat = .init( - lastDragPosition!
    ) / CGFloat(timeDiff)

    // If velocity of drag gesture excessive sufficient...
    if velocity > 300 {
        // ...animate it to vanish
            response: 0.27, // This worth is tough coded!
            dampingFraction: 0.78,
            blendDuration: 0.25
        )) {
            offset = 800

    } else {
        // Else return view offset to preliminary state (prime of the display screen)
        withAnimation(.easeOut(length: 0.28)) {
            offset = 0

I consider it’s some type of math subject. However possibly there may be SwiftUI native answer?



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