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ios – The way to customise contact detection in customized UIView subclass?

Tl;DR: A UIView sublass attracts some customized shapes into its body. The way to solely reply to touches inside these shapes?


Assume we wish to create a customized bar chart. BarChartView receives some information array as enter and for every merchandise it advertisements a BarView as subview.

The body of every BarView is just like the BarChartViews bounds. Nevertheless, many of the BarView is clear, it handles drawing its bar (a easy rect) to the proper location.

Now I wish to detect touches throughout the bars. Not throughout the full BarView (which covers the entire BarChartView) however solely throughout the drawn bars/rects.

How can I do that?

isUserInteractionEnabled is true for the BarChartView and all its BarViews. Nevertheless solely the highest most BarView does obtain the contact occasion. How can this view inform iOS “this contact shouldn’t be dealt with by me, cross it to the opposite views”?

I attempted to override hitTest however this doesn’t work:

class BarView: UIView {

    override func hitTest(_ level: CGPoint, with occasion: UIEvent?) -> UIView? {
        print("hitTest: (information.index)")
        if touchInsideBarRect(level) {
            print("   inside")
            return self  // Return self to point that the contact is handeled
        return superview // Return father or mother BarChartView to let others BarViews deal with the contact

Output reveals that the highest most BarView accurately detects wether the contact was contained in the bar or not. Nevertheless, if the contact was outdoors and superview is returned, the opposite BarViews usually are not referred to as to test in the event that they deal with the contact.



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