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PEX Pipe Measurement Chart

Whereas Copper, Metal and PVC stay the favored selections for residential and business pipes and tubes, the PEX pipe is exhibiting large progress in demand as a result of its price and labor effectivity. Some purposes of PEX pipes are radiant heating programs, snow melting, carrying municipal water and scorching/chilly water distribution. However what’s a PEX? What are the benefits and purposes of PEX pipes? We are going to study extra about PEX pipes on this information. We can even see a PEX Pipe Measurement Chart, which lists out all of the necessary dimensions of normal PEX pipes.

What’s PEX Pipe?

Cross-Linked Polyethylene or PEX is a versatile, high-temperature plastic (polymer) tubing invented in Germany within the late 1960’s. Quickly, it grew to become the first alternative for residential water-supply plumbing throughout Europe. However this was not the case within the U.S.

Frequent comparisons of PEX and Polybutylene (PB) piping was one of many principal causes for Individuals not accepting PEX piping within the preliminary days. If you’re unfamiliar, Polybutylene Pipe was a principal alternative for plumbing within the U.S. between early 1970’s all the best way as much as late 1990’s.

However the materials was not inert to Chlorine, which was a main compound in municipal water, and the chemical construction of the polymer (polybutylene) bought deteriorated consequently.

Many residence house owners, contractors and even officers have been reluctant to make use of PEX pipes though they’re very completely different. However issues began to alter within the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, when the U.S. began utilizing PEX pipes for radiant ground heating and later for home water plumbing.


Because the PEX pipes have been less expensive than Copper and has a number of benefits over conventional piping, using PEX in America’s residence water provide system skyrocketed within the final 15 years.

Traits of PEX Pipes

Cross-Linking is a crucial course of within the manufacturing of PEX Pipes. It transforms the high-density Polyethylene into thermosetting polymer. A few of the Carbon – Hydrogen bonds within the polyethylene molecule are damaged (utilizing chemical or radiation course of) throughout cross-linking.

To fill these gaps, adjoining polyethylene molecules bond to kind a 3D community and the fabric can now be categorised as thermoset polymer (which can’t be reformed or melted). Cross-Linking primarily will increase the temperature and strain capabilities of polyethylene.

Whereas PEX pipes can be found in Pink, Blue and White colours, these colours don’t have any significance concerning the capabilities of the pipes. For that, we want to check out three forms of PEX Pipes: PEX-A, PEX-B and PEX-C.

Of the three, PEX-A has the best high quality and in addition probably the most versatile (clearly dearer). We frequently use these pipes with enlargement fittings. PEX-B Pipes are cheaper than each Copper and PEX-A and affords the most effective worth for the customers. We will use crimp-style connectors with PEX-B pipes.

Coming to PEX-C, we often don’t use these pipes for residential plumbing however typically use it for radiant warmth and hot-water purposes.

Benefits of PEX Piping

Listed below are among the benefits of PEX Pipes over conventional pipes and tubes, particularly in plumbing.

  • As PEX pipes use mechanical connectors (enlargement fittings or crimp-style connectors), there is no such thing as a want for soldering, brazing or any chemical course of. This considerably makes it straightforward for set up.
  • The versatile nature of PEX pipes means that you may simply bend/maneuver them round obstacles or corners.
  • PEX Pipes are typically immune to corrosion and pitting. The chemical properties of those pipes forestall any mineral build-up and in addition makes them scaling resistant.
  • They’re obtainable in a variety of sizes. We are going to see extra about dimensions of PEX Pipes within the later sections on PEX Pipe Measurement Chart.
  • The general price of PEX pipes and their set up is considerably lower than different piping programs. Additionally, the plumbing jobs are much less labor intensive.
  • PEX Pipes and their fittings are extremely regulated by means of a number of requirements and certifications.

Purposes of PEX Pipes

We will use PEX Piping in a wide range of residence plumbing purposes, for each scorching and cold-water provide programs.

  • Supplying municipal water underground
  • Radiant ground heating programs in flooring or slabs
  • Use them in driveways, sidewalks and many others. to soften snow and ice
  • Turf conditioning in sports activities fields, golf programs and many others.
  • Residential hearth suppression programs

PEX Pipe Measurement Chart

The ASTM F876 normal lists out all the usual dimensions and weights for PEX Piping. If you’re setting up a brand new home or reworking your present home, then a PEX Pipe Measurement Chart will certainly come useful.

Following desk reveals the PEX Pipe Measurement Chart as per ASTM F 876 Normal.

PEX Pipe Dimensions
Nominal Diameter (inches) Outer Diameter (inches) Wall Thickness (inches) Inside Diameter (inches) Weight (lb/ft)
3/8 0.5 0.075 0.35 0.05
1/2 0.625 0.075 0.475 0.06
3/4 0.875 0.102 0.671 0.1
1 1.125 0.13 0.865 0.16
1-1/4 1.375 0.16 1.055 0.25
1-1/2 1.625 0.19 1.245 0.35
2 2.125 0.248 1.629 0.6

Within the above PEX Pipe Measurement Chart, the outer diameter and wall thickness are common values from the ASTM F 876 Normal.


PEX is a piping/tubing materials made up of high-density polyethylene molecules which can be completely linked by means of cross-linking course of. We will use PEX Pipes in a wide range of residential plumbing purposes for carrying each cold and hot water. A PEX Pipe Measurement Chart is a useful little desk that lists out among the necessary dimensions of normal PEX Pipes.



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