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The 5 Definitive Advantages of Solar Energy – Greendiary

Are you considering switching to a renewable power source? If so, you have probably heard of the most common option: solar panels. You can read about solar benefits on Energy Report. In the meantime, let’s talk about its main advantages for homeowners like you.

The Need for Renewable Energy

Whether you care to admit it or not, our world is in a crisis. The time when major energy sources will run out is drawing close. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, we have been reliant on fossil fuels ever since the late 1800s. As our civilization further progressed and the demand for energy soared, so did the necessity to find alternative sources of energy.

Fortunately, there are a lot of renewable sources of energy at our disposal. The challenge is how to convert your home. There are different options available. However, solar energy remains one of the most accessible and, thus, one of the most popular options.

The 5 Benefits of Solar Energy

We understand how significant the change is, not to mention the initial investment it needs. Hence, allow us to share the potential benefits to help you make a smarter decision:

1. More control over your electricity

utility cost

The main benefit of going solar is the freedom that non-reliance from utility companies provides. For instance, converting to solar energy can help you avoid unpredictable price surges. According to Energy Sage, electricity costs have risen by 15 percent over the past decade. And you don’t have to be an expert to know that it will further increase in the years to come.

Aside from that, relying on solar energy will ensure your supply even if the grid suddenly goes down. For us, that kind of peace of mind is invaluable, especially in these trying times.

2. Clean, renewable energy

Any list featuring the advantages of solar energy will never be complete without mentioning its health and ecological benefits. Compared to other sources, solar energy is a clean, emissions-free power source. It does not emit any harmful pollutants, such as the worrying greenhouse gases aggravating global warming.

Since it can significantly decrease pollutants in the air and water, it can also help lower the number of health issues caused by them, potentially saving thousands of lives.

More importantly, solar energy will never run out. If we can only harness all the energy that the sun sends to our planet, even if only for an hour, it will already be enough to power the whole world for a year.

3. Has diverse applications

clean water

Solar energy does not only provide electricity but can generate heat as well. It can provide such benefits even to those residing in remote locations who don’t have the same access to the energy grid as we do. Other applications include water distillation for those with a limited supply of clean water and even the powering of our satellites in space.

We can definitely look forward to further applications in the future. For instance, Sharp has recently introduced transparent solar energy panels intended to replace windows. Who knows what our innovators are going to come up next?

4. Save on costs and even provide tax incentives

Let’s be honest. One of the benefits that motivate a lot of people to convert to solar energy is the potential savings it will allow. The installation will require a substantial investment upfront, of course. Still, the cost is nothing compared to the long-term savings.

Depending on your location, you can also expect tax incentives from both the state and federal governments, which can further make your solar power system cost-efficient. We recommend checking out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (or DSRE) for more information about tax rebates. Just enter your zip code and hit search.

5. Raise the value of your property

solar panels over property

Homes with pre-installed solar panels are really in-demand right now. According to recent statistics, solar panels can increase a property’s value by over four percent, and that’s across the country.

Going solar is definitely something to consider if you are planning to sell your home in the future. And even if you don’t have any intention of selling, it will still be a valuable addition to your forever home.

Reasons to Switch Over to Solar

The benefits listed above aren’t the only advantages of switching to a solar power system. These ones are simply those that are most apparent.

Solar energy is not just a great solution for rising energy costs. Rather, it can create a significant impact on our health and the well-being of the planet at the same time. Indeed, converting is a sound investment; even Investopedia says so. We understand how big of a change it is. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether or not it’s a good move or the right time to do so.

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