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Tindie Blog | Sleek Aluminum Raspberry Pi Enclosure!

Raspberry Pi single-board computers (SBCs) are excellent tools, but they are, literally, single boards. Unlike their desktop or laptop cousins, there’s nothing to protect their fragile components from external interference. To help keep things safe, this metallic enclosure from AppliedSBC looks especially beautiful and highly functional.

The enclosure is machine-made out of 6061 aluminum, then nickel-plated. The top section sits below the top of the USB and Ethernet ports, presenting an extremely slim package that is tough and durable. GPIO pins, along with the camera and monitor connectors are exposed via slots on the top, with the microSD slot and other ports on the side also exposed.

The device’s top meets the Pi’s processor, providing a nice conductive mass from which thermal energy can radiate away. Depending on your project needs, the device can be kept in place simply by its weight and a high-friction rubber pad, or you can use it’s holes and the included screws to secure it to wood.

As cool as it is, this actually isn’t the only case that AppliedSBC makes. They also feature a similar metal enclosure for the BeagleBone Black. For another aluminum option, we previously featured this slightly larger Pi Case.



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