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Top Domain Registrars and What It Means to You

The first decision one has to make when registering a new domain is what registrar to choose – and with close to 2,000 registrars existing today, we should be spoilt for choice, right?

But the current distribution of existing domains between registrars tells a different story:

(Data source:

About a year ago this graph looked like this:

top registrars 2015

GoDaddy is a clear leader, and it keeps growing very rapidly, which would be a bit surprising for me, knowing their horrible usability and annoying upsell tactics, were it not for their aftermarket. This trend just reeks of all those wannabe PBN’ers hitting the aftermarket auctions once they heard building their own network is the way to go.

Guess what? If this is literally the only source of your domains, your networks are BOUND to fail. By doing this, you are creating a footprint which is really easy to avoid.

That said, the situation with hosting doesn’t look any better:

top web hosts

(Same data source as above)

What’s especially baffling here is that out of 50,168,023 domains registered with GoDaddy, 36,901,231 are hosted with it as well (and yes, I am pretty sure they are the same domains) – this is plain lazy! Apart from putting all your eggs in the same basket (making your registrar your host, thus giving them full control over your site), this also means creating two footprints in one. Don’t do this – randomise everything!



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