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Why I am unable to use a append() in for loop in Swift? [closed]

I wished to append a [Int] array within the checklist array.

I might used the insert() however append() was not working with error message that " No actual matches in name to occasion technique ‘append’ ".

I researched a motive for this example, however I could not discover it…

    var checklist = [[Int]]()
    // It is working
    for _ in 0..<N {
        checklist.insert(readLine()!.cut up(separator: " ").map{ Int(String($0))! }, at: checklist.endIndex)

    // It isn't working
    for _ in 0..<N {
        checklist.append(contentsOf: readLine()!.cut up(separator: " ").map{ Int(String($0))! })

Please let me know why. Thanks



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