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Winter Share Apples Available | Monroe Organic Farms

NOTE: This blog is posted by a volunteer. No one from the farm checks or responds to messages here. You must contact the farm directly with any questions, comments, etc

Dear Winter Members,

TOMORROW is the last day for Winter Share Members to order boxes of apples for Dec 1st delivery! (see below)


We have some exciting news!  As it turns out, Ela Family Farms have ‘2nd apples’ available for our winter share CSA subscribers (only). They are imperfect Fuji apples, which means they will have blemishes and/or spots on them.  Fuji apples are a crisp, sweet, juicy storage apple.

It is recommended to eat the ugliest apples first.  The least blemished apples will store longer.  Store in a dark, cool place….your refrigerator is the best place.

Here is what we are able to offer:
A full 20# (appx) box will cost $37
(If necessary) an appx 10# bag of apples will cost $20

We would love to fill complete box orders and not mess with the bags.  So please start with ordering full boxes.  But if we have more orders than boxes of apples, we will provide the 10# bags so that everyone will get some. Orders must be called in or emailed to the office by Wed, Nov. 17th. I will not take late orders.  You will then get them with your Winter Share on Dec. 1st.  

We are excited about this opportunity.  We didn’t think it would be available this year!

Thank you and have a great weekend,



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